Mr Johnson’s Chick Crumb 5kg

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Mr. Johnson’s Chick Crumb has been specially formulated to provide a natural balanced diet which keeps your poultry productive and healthy. Excellent for owners of a few chickens.

Product Information

Free range chick crumb. Contains essential omega 3. FEMAS accredited – safety and quality assured. Mr. Johnson’s Chick Crumb. Our chick crumbs contain the correct balance of carbohydrates, protein, fibre and vitamins.

Recommended for

Chick Crumb can be fed from hatching up to 6 – 8 weeks of age.


Wheat, soya, wheatfeed, barley, peas, extracted sunflower, full fat soya, vegetable fat, limestone, salt.


Crude protein – 19%
Crude fibre – 4.5%
Crude oils & fats – 4%
Crude ash – 5.7%

Feeding Guide

Domestic fowl like to forage naturally for a high proportion of their dietary intake, especially in the spring, summer and early autumn months. However, this natural diet needs to be supplemented with additional vegetable material and commercial feeds especially in the winter months and when rearing young birds.

Chick Crumb should be fed in a quantity that the fowl will consume within one hour or so of being fed. Their food can be fed from a seed hopper, trough or bowl ensuring any container is washed and disinfected regularly to avoid infection.

Mineralised grit is needed in order for the birds to successfully grind their food and oystershell grit in order to help ensure sufficient calcium levels for good egg production.

Fresh water should always be available.

Weight 5 kg